Carburetor Clean Up

Sparkling Clean

My engine starts very easily and runs very smoothly and has plenty of power! So what’s the problem? The problem it that after it starts and after I rev or drive it for a short time the idle speed goes up and runs way too fast, probably about 2000 RPM. I went to a car show… Continue reading Carburetor Clean Up

Suppliers Materials Cost

Current Timber Prices Bunnings – Thursday, 27 October 2022 200 x 50 x 1.8m –  $14.2200 x 50 X 3.0. – 200 x 100mm x 2.4m Treated Pine Sleeper H4  – $39200 x 75mm x 1.8m Sleeper  – $23100 x 100mm x 2.4m Post H4 Treated Pine – $22100 x 100mm x 2.7m Post H4 Treated… Continue reading Suppliers Materials Cost

Materials List for Dunny Outhouse

Dunny Mud Map

I have some hardwood laying around and Im thinking through how I’d like to build a hardwood outhouse. In Austalia it’s a dunny, and in South Africa it’s know as a long drop.

Small Cabin Cladding

Cladding a cabin is not as hard as it looks although you probably need at least two people to line is up and get it just right but before you start you really need to insulate your cabin properly. SilverWrap Wall Insulation I choose SilverWrap Medium Duty Reflective Wall Insulation which is what I see… Continue reading Small Cabin Cladding