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2024/04/03 19:12

@publius @handyc nothing much to see here, nevertheless, I sent a message of good cheer to the listeners of a non-radio aka and especially to publius who perseveres throughout the storm of power, outages, and feeling rather awful

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2024/03/31 10:16

I collected my shirt from the cabin where I store my clothing, (my old bathroom, hideaway) Wasps had built mud cocoon on the back my shirt.

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2024/03/31 09:55

I’ve not been doing much lately!

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2024/01/23 07:32

I strongly suspect that @stokesauce has a day off work today which means he’ll hopefully be doing his radio show on Tuesday at 00:00 UTC

Live URL:

VLC player: here

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2024/01/16 06:35

... my three fav YouTube channels right now are

@GabrielTravelerVideos - Gabriel Morris has been wandering around the world for 3 decades

@gypsyinsneakers - Taking you along on all my crazy adventures around the world 🙂

@AbroadandHungry - I believe that through the food we can deeply explore new cultures, traditions and get to know the people.

BTW @stokesauce is doing his Radio Show today

Point your VLC Player to on Tuesday @ 00:00 UTC

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2024/01/12 04:42

Always: What-Who-When

Not: When-Who-What
Not: What-When-Who
Not: Who-What-When

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2024/01/10 18:06

I love that you can still get a movie ticket at a decent cinema for $12 AUD. I’ll let you know what I think of the movie Ferrari.

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2024/01/07 17:53

Roly's Banana Republic begins in at 0800 UTC here >

or The recommended way to listen to Anonradio is to “Open Network Stream” with VLC Player, and point it to

Windows Media Player users, Cntrl+U to “Open URL” and enter “Open URL” is also under the classic File menu in WMP.

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2024/01/07 09:12

Z145A Ryco oil filter should do the trick. It’s so annoying when people overtighten the oil filter and the sump plug.

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2024/01/07 04:46

This is what it looks like at 4:40 AM in the morning if I wake up early to listen to A STEP FUTHER OUT BY @publius

The large tree on the left is a 60-year-old mango tree and the view headed is of the lawns at Roly’s banana Republic, looking due north towards the creek
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2024/01/05 08:17

I managed to take these pictures without moving off my butt (the homestead is excluded so this is a 270° picture of the republic)

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2024/01/05 08:14

The dictator of the Roly’s Banana Republic has lawns to mow, fallen trees to cut up (after the summer storms), bonfires to burn, sand piles to level out, a pool to clean, and various other duties like running or riding his bicycle and going to the beach 🏖️

So instead, in an effort to be productive (and because he doesn’t have any servants) he lights a fire in the middle of summer and stares aimlessly at it.

It feels nice to be on holiday and frivolously waste oodles of time. 🏴‍☠️⏱️

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2024/01/02 18:53

I rate @snowdusk's last show of 2023 Double Gold 🏆 🏆 for all the eighties hits and banter.

You can catch it here >>

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2024/01/02 06:51

At Byron Bay, New South Wales, cycling around Suffolk Park and discovered this little library in the middle of the woods.

( ps. this is not my everyday ride, I brought this bike because I can leave it almost anywhere without locking it, and be fairly certain nobody is gonna steal it) 🚲

A little Street, Library, a sort of nesting box filled with literature, made out of timber resembling a cottage of some sort in a long foot part in suburbia
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2023/12/31 17:43

If you happen to enjoy Roly's Banana Republic then today's show will be good as shows like this ever get. Join me Sunday the 31st of December 2024 at 0800 UTC here >

or The recommended way to listen to Anonradio is to “Open Network Stream” with VLC Player, and point it to

Windows Media Player users, Cntrl+U to “Open URL” and enter “Open URL” is also under the classic File menu in WMP.

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2023/12/28 21:26

@gef Hello Gef I very much enjoyed your most recent show. I love that you front loaded the chatter and learning to the front of the show. sadly I have missed many shows while my outdoor bathroom was out of action due to bureaucracy. I can only hope that this message gets delivered, and if it doesn't I will get in touch some other way. I also enjoyed your comments on Jung’s Theory of Collective Consciousness. I'd love to hear / learn more about this.

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2023/12/28 12:06

@the_rail_life @publius we were riding the Melbourne trams yesterday to Southern Cross Station,

We're back on the Sunshine Coast today. If you are up this way, (Sunny Coast) happy to catch up.

We are down in Bryon Bay, NSQ over New Year to see @stokesauce play at the Railway Hotel. which is famous for live music

I have a good friend Mark who is nuts about trains and has a collection of Yellow Section Cars - sort of like this,

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2023/12/25 20:50

And we know that as long as men are free to ask what they must, free to say what they think, free to think what they will, freedom can never be lost, and science can never regress.

-- J. Robert Oppenheimer, as mentioned in J. Robert Oppenheimer by L. Barnett, Life mag

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2023/12/25 20:15

From my family to yours: Wishing everyone on @SDF a very Merry Christmas, peace on earth and good will to men. I thank you all for the past year of fun fellowship and entertainment.

From Roly and tribe in the Land of Oz and Banana Republic 🏖️🕊️ ✡

Roly and Tribe sitting around a table on the outdoor deck of a beach house on the Mornington Peninsular, Victoria, Australia.
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2023/12/25 19:35

BTW: I did read Cry the Beloved County after @publius suggested I did, and very much enjoyed the read. (a year or so ago).

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2023/12/25 19:19

A very fine SERMON from @publius reading Christmas Bells by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


And in despair I bowed my head;

"There is no peace on earth," I said;

"For hate is strong,
And mocks the song

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!"


Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:

God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;

The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,

With peace on earth, good-will to men."

Or in other words : He who serves is king

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2023/12/18 08:55

A note for @publius : I listened to ASFO traveling to the beach yesterday and I thought your show was superb. I wonder if shows like these ought to have a much wider audience than &

We all know this stuff but it's refreshing to hear it so nicely commented on. - Thanks

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2023/12/16 11:58

I guess it’s time for the dictator to learn how to use a dishwasher on Sunday at 0800 UTC

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2023/12/16 11:47

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2023/12/10 15:22

Probably gonna end up doing my show from my “crazy friends” house, I could easily do 10 shows on this fun lady. A pictures worth 1000 words.

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2023/12/10 10:53

Good old classic long boards, if you think early 70’s only these are easier (actually, these are easier than any version of BSD whatsoever.

Just like yours truly, the benevolent dictator and emperor of the Banana Republic

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2023/12/10 10:17

The Banana Republic on Sunday at oh 800 UTC better, still catch it in the archives during the week

Just another day at the beach, enjoying the fun things and life

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2023/12/05 10:54

I live in heaven.

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2023/12/05 10:41

A big shout out to @screwtape, always friendly and sociable and kind.

Such a nice online community at , hanging out, listening to at @Stokesource show live. There’s still 20 minutes left. is amazing.

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2023/12/05 10:23

Hanging out with Catherine, listening to @stokesauce on -radio at the cafe/beach. He’s killing it. ❤️

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2023/12/03 18:28

Here we go.

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2023/12/03 17:36

You can see why I think this is a nice time to do my show, the days is almost over and I can take it easy for the reminder.

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2023/12/03 17:08

If you can be there, be there to hear the banana Republic broadcasting from a cafe somewhere

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2023/12/03 15:11

Banana Republic ! Citizens Vagabonds, Pirates, Rebels and Rioters your attendance is requested on Sunday at 0800 UTC, either in COM or later in the archives

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2023/11/25 19:31

@tyn I'm very much enjoying your show dated 2023 11 24 ✓ ✓ ✓ ++

Yes, it does sound like the world is in a lock 🎧🌍 🔐

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2023/11/12 07:49

Making an effort to eat healthy food

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2023/11/11 08:41

Loving the crazy Indian music @tyn thank you, the old girl got to the beach safely. I’m getting rather strange looks with the music belting out of my chariot.

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2023/11/11 07:36

I’m on the way to the beach about to tune in to @tyn followed by @snowdusk and followed by me. I suggest today’s show will be fun for everyone. It’s 30 minutes of listening at 0000 wont be on com bit at least not until I get to Noosa where I’ll do the show.

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2023/11/08 03:56

Recently I used my Journal entries to write a statement, proving one more the value of regular journaling.

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2023/11/07 10:15

@stokesauce is L I V E on the S T O K E S A U C E Radio Show

Only on at 00z00 UTC on Tuesday

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2023/11/04 22:39

@publius Your Show dated October 31, 2023 was a Cerebral Delight!

Thank you for this challenging thoughtful presentation on "A Step Further Out" & The Man and Atom Society.

@publius @tob @tyn @snowdusk @ffog

Very fine listening - Thank you.

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2023/11/04 22:23

One can only imagine my surprise this evening as I Iay soaking in the tub, 🛁 catching up on previous episodes of ASFO by @publius, by which time I had fully taxed my brain by considering concerns like food and fuel supplies, the rising costs of grain globally and the impact of importing and transporting energy, ⚡️ when I heard my name referenced by @publius who continued to present an excellent and compelling argument explaining modern freedoms and liberty.