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2023/12/05 10:54

I live in heaven.

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2023/12/05 10:41

A big shout out to @screwtape, always friendly and sociable and kind.

Such a nice online community at , hanging out, listening to at @Stokesource show live. There’s still 20 minutes left. is amazing.

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2023/12/05 10:23

Hanging out with Catherine, listening to @stokesauce on -radio at the cafe/beach. He’s killing it. ❤️

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2023/12/03 18:28

Here we go.

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2023/12/03 17:36

You can see why I think this is a nice time to do my show, the days is almost over and I can take it easy for the reminder.

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2023/12/03 17:08

If you can be there, be there to hear the banana Republic broadcasting from a cafe somewhere

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2023/12/03 15:11

Banana Republic ! Citizens Vagabonds, Pirates, Rebels and Rioters your attendance is requested on Sunday at 0800 UTC, either in COM or later in the archives

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2023/11/25 19:31

@tyn I'm very much enjoying your show dated 2023 11 24 ✓ ✓ ✓ ++

Yes, it does sound like the world is in a lock 🎧🌍 🔐

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2023/11/12 07:49

Making an effort to eat healthy food

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2023/11/11 08:41

Loving the crazy Indian music @tyn thank you, the old girl got to the beach safely. I’m getting rather strange looks with the music belting out of my chariot.

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2023/11/11 07:36

I’m on the way to the beach about to tune in to @tyn followed by @snowdusk and followed by me. I suggest today’s show will be fun for everyone. It’s 30 minutes of listening at 0000 wont be on com bit at least not until I get to Noosa where I’ll do the show.

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2023/11/08 03:56

Recently I used my Journal entries to write a statement, proving one more the value of regular journaling.

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2023/11/07 10:15

@stokesauce is L I V E on the S T O K E S A U C E Radio Show

Only on at 00z00 UTC on Tuesday

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2023/11/04 22:39

@publius Your Show dated October 31, 2023 was a Cerebral Delight!

Thank you for this challenging thoughtful presentation on "A Step Further Out" & The Man and Atom Society.

@publius @tob @tyn @snowdusk @ffog

Very fine listening - Thank you.

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2023/11/04 22:23

One can only imagine my surprise this evening as I Iay soaking in the tub, 🛁 catching up on previous episodes of ASFO by @publius, by which time I had fully taxed my brain by considering concerns like food and fuel supplies, the rising costs of grain globally and the impact of importing and transporting energy, ⚡️ when I heard my name referenced by @publius who continued to present an excellent and compelling argument explaining modern freedoms and liberty.