Nissan Urvan E23 Information

Nissan Urvan E23 (1983)

My Nissan Urvan E23 (1983)  is a lot of fun to drive and in very good condition, so I thought I’d share information about the van here. 

Freshly purchased, and waiting for restoration work to begin.

Freshly Purchased Van
New Paint Job – Nissan White

Other Information

General useful information I can find online about the Nissan Urvan E23, (Datsun), there are a few places online with information about Urvans.

Below, a few videos of vans belonging to the people, alway useful to find out tips and ideas.

Nissan Urvan E23 Journal

A friend is scrapping an old E23 and here is a list of bits I’d like to check out. I don’t really need any of these bits but hey who knows, one never knows.

Sun Visors.
Steering Key and Lock
Floor Mat
Climb In Handle

VSR – The Voltage Sensitive Relay – for second battery
Battery Cables
Fusible Links

Starter Motor

Floor Mat
Door Liners

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