Small Cabin Bracing

Bracing is a very important part of stringing the cabin, There are two easy ways to do this,

  • The first is steel cross bracing, which is lengths of steel placed a a 45 degrees across all all sides of the cabin,
  • The second is bracing ply attached on the outside of the frame work with clout sales which provides a lot of strength.

There is aways a lot you can do to straighten your cabin, from the base to the roof top, I learned a lot by doing the bracing and I am glad I did it well, because I can have peace of mind when I move the cabin oneway that it will be able to “travel safely and well”.

Steel Cross Bracing

I used steel for the cross bracing, which worked out quite well, its a lot of up and down ladders, and its quite a mission to get it nice and tight. To be honest the entire process of building whole cabin is a lot of climbing up and down ladders.

<Insert Cross Bracing Video Here>

Bracing Ply Cladding

Bracing Ply makes it look like a cabin / dwelling very quickly and easy, mind you, its quick to put up the sheets of ply but it takes a long time to nail in all the clout nails. A builder looked in on my cabin an suggested that I probably did not need to put in a many clout nails as I did. Lesson learned for next time.

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