Filling the Pool with Creek Water

Dirty Dark Creek Water

Nearly a year ago, at the end of Spring 2020 or perhaps the start of Summer 2020 I filled the pool with river water or as it’s better known in Austalia creek water.

It wasn’t hard because I have a lovely creek at the bottom of my garden along border of my property. When it rains the the creek better described as river, and when it rains of a length of time it floods over much of the lower property and creates a lovey lake.

Having filled the pool I was surprised by how dark and dirty the water was, a sort of black tea with a bit of brown in it. The sediment quickly settled to the bottom and I simply vacuumed it out to waste.

It wasn’t very long before it was a beautiful blue colour, and as good and any water. The and the whole process got me thinking about water purification.

The pools is 10 meters long, 5 meters wide and 1.2 meters at the shallow end andand probably 1.5 meters at the deep end and 2m deep at the three quarter length, (7 meter mark) I shall do some accurate measurements in inches and then work bottom of the to the upper edge.

I estimate the pool at about 80,000 litres, so that would probably cost me at lease $350 dollars to fill up.

As a matter of fact a dreamed last night about a very large pool that needed updating, there was some construction involve and a lot of water purification, so either pool or my water purification ideas are once again at the forefront of my mind, hence this musing rambling article.

I suspect that with a bit of work I may be able to design an above ground series of sand boxes, on the natural slope of my property which would allow for gravity feed water filtration.

I shall draw it out an upload photos for those interested

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