New After Market Fuel Pump Fitted

Aftermarket Fuel Pump for Nissan E23

I have attached the new after market fuel pump. I have a strong suspicion that is much more effect and as a result it is causing a leak in Carburettor.

It started first time after fitting the new pump but unfortunately it is running very rich and after running for while it runs quite badly and idles very slowly.

The new pump fitted IMG 5298

Here you can see that the IN and the RETURN feed on the Carburettor.

the inlet and return feed IMG 5300

The Leaky Carburettor, probably from two much fuel pressure from the new fuel pump.

Flooded Nissan E23 Carburettor IMG 5299

Here you can see the IN and RETURN from the fuel tank into the engine bay. I dont know what the top line is but second and third down is IN and RETURN.

Fuel Lines on and Nissn E23 IMG 5302

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