Carburetor Clean Up

Sparkling Clean

My engine starts very easily and runs very smoothly and has plenty of power! So what’s the problem? The problem it that after it starts and after I rev or drive it for a short time the idle speed goes up and runs way too fast, probably about 2000 RPM. I went to a car show… Continue reading Carburetor Clean Up

Nissan Urvan E23 Paint Job (Cream Dream)

The Cream Dream after a respray Dennis from church had a look a my van and agreed to take out the rust, I have to drive here up to Peachester where he has a large shed where he fixes large tourist buses and other things.

Nissan Urvan E23 Information

Nissan Urvan E23 (1983)

My Nissan Urvan E23 (1983)  is a lot of fun to drive and in very good condition, so I thought I’d share information about the van here.  Freshly purchased, and waiting for restoration work to begin. Other Information General useful information I can find online about the Nissan Urvan E23, (Datsun), there are a few… Continue reading Nissan Urvan E23 Information