Small Cabin Base

The cabin is almost complete.  I began building early 2020 (early covid), and here we are in July 2022. I have compiled journal of my progress beginning with the base (this post), moving on to the framing, and the bracing. 

This is an update of progress so far. Let’s say it’s very liveable but not yet complete.


I have made some progress, or let’s say that the base in very nearly complete, and I expect to have the sides and roof structure up this weekend, ready for the cladding and roof. If I say so myself it’s pretty well constructed so I reckon I could make another more easily and quicker. I am being careful to do it as inexpensively as possible, but still maintain the quality, also I being careful to modularise it. So things like buying in 6 m lengths and then cutting in half saved some cash, and using standard sizes.

IMG 2260

Two Bearers At 2400 To Fit Tow Truck.

Mistake #1 Don’t build in the shade, I should not have built under a tree, while this seemed like a very good idea in the heat of summer, when the winter set in it was very cool, even cold, which put me off working in the morning, since I’m a sunshine person. The tree also dropped it leave on the construction, and generally created a moist damp environment. It ended up being a pain, and I choose to move it to the sunshine later. So try start, build and finish in the right place place first time.

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