Catherine’s Greenhouse

Catherine Geenhouse

Catherines room was filled with so many plants that I offered to build her a greenhouse. I positioned near the mango tree for additional shade to benefit from the very pleasant micro climate under the tree. It turned ok, but need more potting and storage tables.


Unfinished Cabin

We on 2 acres of land alongside a small creek. We are close to the Glasshouse Mountains, town, railway station, schools, and shopping centre. Facilities Available. Distances 2 km – Beerwah Town, Railway Station, Shops, Doctors 3 km – Glasshouse Mountains. 5 km – Australia Zoo30 km – The Beach30 km – Beach Towns Maroochydore,… Continue reading Homestay

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Camping and Clamping

Glamping and Camping

Thoughts about Camping and Glamping I’ve been working steadily towards offering bits of our home / garden to Travellers, Campers Glampers etc. Thoughts / Ideas Electricity Grid / Circuit / Circle along the perimeter A friend of mine suggested setting ups an electricity grid / circle along the perimeter, this would make it easier for… Continue reading Camping and Clamping