Fuel Pump on the Nissan Urvan E23

Nissan Fuel Pump

I ran into a snag with the Fuel Pump on the Nissan Urvan E23, it started leaking, and I’ve been able to smell fuel for a few weeks now, but it was not until the engine started to run badly that I stopped and had a thorough search for the problem. I guess being stuck on the side of the road gives you time to check things out.

So now I know what the problem is but after a search around the internet it appears that fuel pumps are not easily repaired because its difficult to find the right rebuild kit, mainly because it is difficult to identify a pump without any markings,

It would seem that most people simple put in a new after market rebuild kit, for example Darren from Classic Carbs suggests:

The aftermarket pump is FPM-050. Sparesbox have them at $208. My kits are around $105 if we can identify it. – https://classiccarbs.com.au

This is the Carb here, and you can see the little hole which is leaking fuel.

Fuel Leak on E23 Fuel Pump

Top View of E23 Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Top View.JPG

I am going to keep looking for a Diaphragm Kit, and I’ll keep you posted about how things go, but I found these posts very helpful.


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