Catherine’s Greenhouse

Catherine Geenhouse

Catherines room was filled with so many plants that I offered to build her a greenhouse. I positioned near the mango tree for additional shade to benefit from the very pleasant micro climate under the tree. It turned ok, but need more potting and storage tables.

Gardening with a Jackhammer

Use a jackhammer if you must but by which ever means possible plant trees, shrubs, vines, flowers grasses and plant them everywhere and anywhere. If you are have rocky soil, then use a jackhammer to dig the holes but whatever you do plant and grow because it’s one God way of providing plenty resources to … Read more

Planting Fruit Trees 2020

  This year more than any other we’ve have started plating fruit trees. I regret not beginning to plant fruit trees when we first moved to this property in 2003, as the saying goes “Today is the the next best time to plant a Tree. We hope plant at least one perhaps two trees every fortnight … Read more

Avocado, Bannana, Blue Berries, Lime, Passion Fruit and Paw Paw,

So if I have an aspiration for 2017 it’s to plant Avocado, Bannana, Blue Berries, Lime, Passion Fruit and Paw Paw, at Havilah House. There is a particular variety of lime that Steve Childs told me about which I would like to get. As for the passionfruit I have started planting these in 2017, and have … Read more

Planter Box at the Start of Autumn

At the request of my lovely wife Lydia, I got round to making my first planter box and as usual I got my design inspiration on Pinterest and found some boxes I liked,  I modified the design to suit the materials I had available. I ought to give credit to my friends Chris and Marge who live … Read more