Yanmar YM14 Diesel Tractor Lawnmower Blades

I’m fond of my Yanmar YM14 Diesel Tractor YM14/2 except when it comes to finding replacement blades.  Firstly they rotate in a different direction to most blades, so the cutting edge is always on the wrong side,  secondly the hole in the middle of the blade is an unusual size and the bolt that holds the blade down is a left hand thread, and if I remember correctly and unusual ahead so it’s quite a challenge to find parts for this tractor.

I went to GDM – Glasshouse Designe and Engineering where Ian put together a bespoke solution for me. The blades are hardened steel, and the cross arm which joins the blade is mild steel. It worked reasonably well at first and then slowly bent out of shap.  The other issue was that the bolds holding on the blades were facing down and took a beating over time, until the snapped off and the blade went flying off into the garden. 


Bespoke homemadYane manufactured blades 

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