So if I have an aspiration for 2017 it’s to plant Avocado, Bannana, Blue Berries, Lime, Passion Fruit and Paw Paw, at Havilah House.

There is a particular variety of lime that Steve Childs told me about which I would like to get.

As for the passionfruit I have started planting these in 2017, and have a few vines however it’s been awfully hot and dry for the past few months,

Bannana’s I planted in 2015 and 206 and I have 2 varieties growing

Blue Berries I had when we moved into the propertiy but due to stupidity and putting ash from the combustion stove on the blueberry shrub and caused it to die.  – It bring to mind mind a comment “What a fool you are”.

Sadly I cut down the Avocardo, which looking back I should simply have pruned

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