Why not do my own welding?

I’m Seriously considering learning to weld, and why not I say! It would be very useful around the home, and I will be able use my new skill to design and make metal bases for my cabins. These days you can easily source very affordable mig welders, and a good quality welding mask. Just check… Continue reading Why not do my own welding?

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Small Cabin Base

The cabin is almost complete.  I began building early 2020 (early covid), and here we are in July 2022. I have compiled journal of my progress beginning with the base (this post), moving on to the framing, and the bracing.  This is an update of progress so far. Let’s say it’s very liveable but not yet complete.… Continue reading Small Cabin Base

Nissan Urvan E23 Paint Job (Cream Dream)

The Cream Dream after a respray Dennis from church had a look a my van and agreed to take out the rust, I have to drive here up to Peachester where he has a large shed where he fixes large tourist buses and other things.