Thoughts about Havilah House in 2020

I have fallen in love with my home and property again, after living here for 17 years this October 2020. The home is full of laughter and friends. It has been a difficult, long journey and I’m ashamed at myself for complaining so often about this home.

We bought this home because it had potential, but till recently we’ve not really and for various reasons, have been unable to realise it’s potential.

So looking forward, and forgetting what lays behind us, let’s press on and continue exercising dominion over our lands and possessions using all that we are and all that we have for the glory of our God.

So thinking forward, nothing is certain except the promises of God. I hope though to write a series of short notes about this property.

Coochin Creek near the Walton Bridge April 2020
Coochin Creek near the Walton Bridge, Beerwah

Projects and Distractions

I’ve various projects on the go at any one time from mundane tasks like weeding, spraying, mowing, pruning the hedges and fenceline and whipper snipping the edges to fixing the pool, building a small cabin 3.0m x 3.6m or building an outside shower and bathroom.

The weather in Autumn is often a very comfortable temperature in the Queensland year, it’s the twilight zone between a warm summer and cool winter, and you can get on top of the garden and make it look pleasant. 

I have been cleaning and clearing the creek,  returning it to it’s native habitat,  you can almost walk up to the edge now from any part of the lower garden.


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