12V Information

Ballast Resister – The term “ballast” relates to stability. it refers to the fact that the ballast resistor is helping maintain the stability of the electrical circuit. VSR – The Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) allows two batteries to be charged at the same time. When the engine is started and the start battery reaches 13.7 … Read more

Small Cabin Cladding

Cladding a cabin is not as hard as it looks although you probably need at least two people to line is up and get it just right but before you start you really need to insulate your cabin properly. SilverWrap Wall Insulation I choose SilverWrap Medium Duty Reflective Wall Insulation which is what I see … Read more

Aftermarket Cooling Fan for BMW F650

The electrical fitting is the same, the mounting holes are in the same place … but of course there has to be something … the mounting hole hardware is different ( the grommets are too big and cant be used from the old fan). I guess thats what the other 280 dollars I didn’t pay … Read more

Homelite Leaf Blower HBBL26VN (26cc)

I bought this little blower for $10. The diaphragm appears to be cooked, but I hope to get it going at some point. (I’m not in a hurry) Homelite Leaf Blower HBBL26VN (26cc) Homelite Blower I found this note online – which suggests I should be able to get it running  Genuine RUIXING Carburetor for … Read more