Aftermarket Cooling Fan for BMW F650

The electrical fitting is the same, the mounting holes are in the same place … but of course there has to be something … the mounting hole hardware is different ( the grommets are too big and cant be used from the old fan).

I guess thats what the other 280 dollars I didn’t pay … was for … so that it would be an exact fit.

New and Old Cooling Fans for BMW F650

New fan top, old fan bottom.

So off to the hardware store and another twenty dollars in bits (and another hour in time) it is all back together … and the fan works like a fan should 🙂

But each time I forget the lesson …

If you don’t buy the exact part … expect a ****around in time and brain strain, for trying to prevent wallet plundering … because that how the system is set up.

By Chris

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