Nissan Urvan E23 Information

Nissan Urvan E23 (1983)

My Nissan Urvan E23 (1983)  is a lot of fun to drive and in very good condition, so I thought I’d share information about the van here.  Freshly purchased, and waiting for restoration work to begin. Other Information General useful information I can find online about the Nissan Urvan E23, (Datsun), there are a few… Continue reading Nissan Urvan E23 Information

Thoughts about Refrigeration

When I reflect on the various fridges we’ve owned it’s become apparent that they are not particularly robust, and neither are they very reliable. My parent’s fridge lasted most of my childhood, it was large, shapely and reliable, sure there was a little rust, but it definitely felt very solid, and the door had a… Continue reading Thoughts about Refrigeration

Pool Filter Solutions

A Costly Sand Filter Maintaining a cost-effective pool filter is a little tricky, at least for me it has been, Davey Pump Ended up purchasing a Davey pump, which cost over $400 dollars, (I needed it in a hurry), the problem here is that cruel businesses like Davey maintain two ranges of products, one is… Continue reading Pool Filter Solutions