Resting in the Promise

I receive frequent requests to purchase Havilah House, and I can see why. Havilah House is comfortably situated on 2 acres of land. It’s central to town and there are some highly developed estates and properties close by. On paper Haviliah House looks like an easy block to develop. The current regulations allow the blocks in this region to be subdivided in 600 sq/m blocks, and if I could use all 7700 sq/m this would allow me to have at least six new blocks and one large block. I would not be at all surprised if a development project might also include some 450 sq/m blocks of land.

I have long had and still have this notion that this land and home will be worth 1 million dollars and of course that is true most homes now days if you leave them long enough they may eventually be worth a million dollars due to inflation and other increases. However that is the wonderful thing about a promise, God exceeds your expectation since he his able to do abundantly more that we can think of or imagine. So a million dollars means at the very least the equivalent of a million at the time of the promise and not a million at the time of fulfilment, which otherwise may only be the equivalent of a much smaller amount at the time of the promise. This is the wonderful thing about God, he exceeds expectations because his Glory fills the heavens.

Something I wrote in 1997.
resting in the promise / resting in hope

God gave me this land for a reason, irrespective if it was the wrong purchase. since I have often wondered, thought and sometimes believe that God had something better planned for me and instead I insisted and setteled on this bock. I know that God is my Father and greater, more excellent and more powerful than any mistake I could ever have made by choosing this block. I, therefore, have every confidence that God can make good, fix up, and build on any mistakes I may have made. 

All things work out for the good of those who love the Lord. So when I say I have asked God for at least a Million, I can be confident he may give me much more than a million.

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