Today I finally got the bike back together πŸ™‚

Managed to put the new oil seals in the front shocks πŸ™‚

Asked an intern a work to knock me out a “seal driver” on the 3D printer (solid print) with the dimensions taken from the seal, minus a little bit, so that it would fit over and down the shock , but only rest on the outer few millimeters of the seal ( not the inner edge).

3D Printed Seal Driver

It didn’t have the “weight” to drive the seal in, but a bit of cling film, and a plastic zip lock bag (to keep the dust and any bits out), a longer piece of wood, and a rubber mallet finished the job off a la road-side-repair style.

Took it for a ride and its working fine πŸ™‚

Working in the Garden BMW F650

60 dollars from BMW for two litres of 10 weight oil, and a few bits. Plus about 40 dollars in grease, Allen key to 1/2 inch drive set.

So 110 dollars in total … plus a lot of my “free time”. But better than 700 dollars at the BMW shop hey.

By Chris

Chris is experimenting with living a better quality-of-life by Simplifying back to basics. Valuing family time, friendships, personal time and free time over material things. Growing healthy food. Avoiding advertising and media commercialism. In a nut shell; directly pursuing Health, Sanity, Contentment and indirectly Happiness.

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