Solving the Dust Problem

Our home has a lot of dust, in plain speak it’s a dusty home and I plan to free it from dust. It makes me uncomfortable when I think that we have lived with dust in this home since 2003, so for the past 18 years we have eexperiancee dust. It’s time to identify where the dust is coming from, and then remove and eliminate these sources of dust in our home.

The gap in the eves

There is a gap in the eve facia of roof near Catherines window which needs to closed, this will prevent air blowing into the roof and pushing through any gaps in the ceiling, so for example we have trap doors in the roof which do not seal very well, or we have recessed lights in the lounge and air might get is through the edges,

The trap doors

Another obvious source are the trapdoors into the roof,


As it turns out I have a tolerable dust allergy, and I know that when I sleep dust free places like hotels etc I clear up a little.

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