So where on earth are we going to live? if we bail out the Rat Race.

So where on earth are we going to live? if we bail out the rat race.

For most people if we have been slaving away in the rat race we are looking for more, for bigger, or larger, for more space, more everything.
We are most definitely not thinking about smaller, cheaper, or less.
It just doesn’t enter into the equation.

That is the domain of retirees we think.
Of older folk who cant be bothered with house maintenance, up keep of a large gardens, and funding the operating costs of running a large family home.

But this is a very uncomfortable and unconventional thought if you are a middle aged person!
Because it goes against all the advertising that you have ever heard of in your whole life.

However, If we are thinking about having more free time, it probably means less work, and therefore less money.
Therefore we probably need lower operating expenses, or a very creative income improvement scheme of some sort.

If however you are a younger person, a millennial perhaps, then you just get it.
Skip the lifetime mortgage noose around your neck. Get a tiny home. Move it to the bottom of moms garden.
What is not to like about that?

Some options might be:

Tiny homes
Small cabins, log cabins or Yurts
Barges, Narrow boats, House boats
Renting out your current home ( if you own one), and live in a cheaper one.
Downsizing into smaller more energy efficient homes.
Moving to a country, or a state, with cheaper housing, and lower cost of living.
Recreational Vehicles
Self builds of all types ( now that is real sweat equity)
Repossessed homes (all in various states of disrepair).

It is whatever you fancy really.
It’s up to you to decide.

But all these options require a re-evaluation of the prevailing “bigger, better, faster, more” culture that we all subscribe to if we are currently participating in the rat race.

So, for most people, this is just not an option even worth considering.
Its just too hard, too difficult, too complicated.
It goes against the grain.
It flies in the face of conventional wisdom.
It’s a non starter.
Lets just all go out to dinner instead !!

Remember that in order to know what it is you actually need, rather than what it is you fancy, you must have already worked through your “values list” and set your priorities. ( see post xxx)

So by way of a personal example:

I initially fancied living on the water, on a barge, on the river Brent, just before it enters the Thames river ( in London, UK). Its cheaper than an apartment. It sounded great to me.
Ditch the car, use a bicycle and public transport.
When you get fed up you move up or down the river.
I even bought Canal Boat Magazine ( for a while.
I dragged the family off to see the boat fair. ( xxx)
My good wife remained unconvinced.
Apart from the very living area, the child could fall in the river, then what?
A dawning realisation that this option was sliding down the list, and likely to fall off the list completely.
Bang. Shot down. Done.

Well in the end … It was a combination
We moved countries, twice.
Moved states once.
Bought a repossessed home in a state of chronic disrepair.

What is important is:

  • That it is an informed, intentional, and considered set of decisions.
  • The values list has been endlessly discussed and has been agreed.
  • Noted that swimming against the prevailing culture is not for the faint-hearted.
  • The vision of what you are aiming for, hoping for, is very clearly written down.
  • There is prior agreement of all parties concerned.

It’s your life.

You can choose.

Do your homework and choose wisely.

By Chris

Chris is experimenting with living a better quality-of-life by Simplifying back to basics. Valuing family time, friendships, personal time and free time over material things. Growing healthy food. Avoiding advertising and media commercialism. In a nut shell; directly pursuing Health, Sanity, Contentment and indirectly Happiness.

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