Notes for Kars the Architect

These notes are for Kars the Architect who has helped me plan the interior of some of the rooms in my home,  I hope these photos will give Kars a feel for where I live and what I like.

I feel its important to have different spaces and regions within a home, and these areas should interconnect with each other.  Homes should also offer spaces where people can retreat and get some solitude, or where different groups of people can gather and not interfere with each other.

I’m situated on 2 acres close to town, (2km from town) this often annoys me when it’s noisy, but on the other hand I am 2 minute from the centre or town.

These notes and photos are mostly about Havilah House where I live, a few of them were taken elsewhere and included simply because I like the style or feeling evoked – for example the corrugated fence photos were taking in Mooloolaba.

Glasshouse Mountains looking from White Horse Mountain

I live amongst those mountains, the two smallest hills situated close together on right hand side, these are called the Coochin Twins (north and south) I can see the side of one of them from my garden and from my kitchen

one of my favourite spots

This is one of my favourite spots in the home, I often sleep out here on a daybed which overlooks the garden.

Our Dinning Room looking into the TV Room and Lounge

This lovely photo taken from my dining room, the photo looks directly into the TV Room, where I have two day beds, and to the right you can see the lounge, the lounge overlooks the swimming pool, one day I hope to remove the two lounge windows and replace them with sliding door which open onto a timber deck which then overlooks the garden and swimming pool.

the lounge and TV room

Our lounge and dinning room get rearranged quite often,

the lounge and TV room another perspective

Another perspective

queenslanders get cold in winter

Queenslander homes get very cold in winter, we have been having problems with the fire recently, it no longer vents very well.

preparing for the music room

The Music Room is an ongoing project, I still have not finished it, but I know it will be lovely room (rooms) someday.

corrugated metal fence 01

This a corrugated iron fence I would likes something like this along my front border.

corrugated metal fence 02

This is another example of a corrugated iron fence

hanging passion fruit

This is a passion fruit pergola made out of cut trees and reinforcing iron ( the iron grid the place in concrete) works just fine.

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