New Timber Shed Doors

Timber Shed Door

This is a photo of building my second shed door. The other door is built, primed, painted and on the shed. The ply was leftover from a previous job.

Hand Built Timber Shed Doors

So far it cost 20 dollars for both doors … for one eight-foot plank of Poplar (which I cut into four strips, 4x 6foot long strips for stiles, an inch and 1/4  wide, stood narrow edge down) 

And 4x2foot for rails, (stood narrow side down). Each door has two batons of off-cut Cedar( free). I’m re-using the latch.

Oh … yes, unfortunately, I had to buy 4 hinges (12 dollars in total) as the old ones were too shot, too much play in them … that I was afraid the doors would never align properly.

Marge spent 60 dollars on paint, paintbrushes, paint trays etc to paint the shed green and I’m using the same paint to do the doors.

So I guess our shed improvement will cost about $100 dollars all in all.

Used my old radial arm saw as a bench … as I don’t have a real bench.

I’ll try to remember to take another photo when it’s on the shed as a before and after 🙂

By Chris

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