Adam and Chris: Making a Bird box

This was our attempt at building a bird box, it might be our only one, but I hope not 🙂

“Freestyle” … no dimension plans, in other words just making it up as we go along.

The idea was to try to think of something useful, and then try to make it out of “nothing”.

Adam Painting the Bird Box

I had a “scrap” piece of wood that I had incorrectly trimmed (messed up), and was too short for it’s original use (the soffits).

The paint is color samples.

I had one piece of cedar plank, that was 7 feet long, and 5 1/2 inches wide.

Adam and Chris Birdbox

Adam designed it, painted it, and helped screw it together.

We didn’t bother with glue, we just used self-tapping screws.

I cut the wood (only because the saw is a ye olde 1980’s radial arm saw, without any safety features!!!, because it missed the safety recall period … scares the living daylights out of me, that thing, so unfortunately Adam’s not allowed to use it).

Completed Birdbox

Our bird box made from one piece of wood.

By Chris

Chris is experimenting with living a better quality-of-life by Simplifying back to basics. Valuing family time, friendships, personal time and free time over material things. Growing healthy food. Avoiding advertising and media commercialism. In a nut shell; directly pursuing Health, Sanity, Contentment and indirectly Happiness.

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